About Algorithmic Scale

Towards Algorithmic Business and Operations

At Algorithmic Business, we believe in the power of Data and Artificial Intelligence to make your business run faster, respond quicker and reach farther than what is possible with today’s IT. As algorithms replace rules and processes, we see a need for a new commercial stack and operating system for enterprises to execute their digital business strategies. And our mission is to provide the completely new Algorithmic Operating Stack that our clients can leverage to scale their businessess to new heights of data-driven decision making and automated execution. 

Our Approach

We incorporate commercial focus and future-orietation into the design thinking methodologies to develop strategies and solutions that will enable to not only overcome today’s challenges but also prepare for future opportunities. On one hand, our designs provide tangible, measurable benefits to address the visible, immediate problems.  On the other hand, we design our solutions to also address a range of future scenarios. 

This combination of present and future orientation enables our clients to overcome bigger obstacle and leverage richer opportunities faster and better.

Our Values

Continuous Value

We believe in serving our clients get sustainable, long-term and continuous stream of benefits from our solutions and services.

Tangible Value

We want to offer measurable benefits and tangible impact so that our clients can get returns on investing in us

Co-Created Value

We see our clients not only as our customer but also as our partners with whom we co-create solutions to grow and prosper together

Get To Know Us Better

Somil gupta
Founder and CEO

Somil Gupta is an AI Strategy and Monetization Advisor based in Sweden. He
specializes in developing commercialization and value realization strategy to
grow data-driven business and monetize investments in data and AI. 

He has been awarded the Nordic Data and AI Influencer 2021 award for his work in this field. Somil consults clients in bridging the gap between their data/AI vision for the business and their current capabilities to realize that vision. 

In addition, he also supports companies through ‘pro-bono’ work through the open-source community for Data and AI – Airplane Alliance where Somil is the chapter lead for Data and AI Commercialization chapter