Somil Gupta

SOMIL GUPTA is an AI Strategy and Monetization Advisor based in Sweden. He specializes in developing commercialization and value realization strategy to grow data-driven business and monetize investments in data and AI. He has been awarded the Nordic Data and AI Influencer 2021 award for his work in this field. Somil consults clients in bridging the gap between their data/AI vision for the business and their current capabilities to realize that vision. In addition, he also supports companies through ‘pro-bono’ work through the open-source community for Data and AI – Airplane Alliance where Somil is the chapter lead for Data and AI Commercialization chapter

At Algorithmic Scale, we’re not just another technology company – we’re your strategic partners in harnessing the extraordinary potential of Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We understand that in today’s fast-paced world, it’s not enough for your business to simply keep up; it needs to lead the charge, redefine limits, and soar above constraints.

Transforming raw data into actionable insights, seamlessly infusing AI intelligence into your operations, we become your innovation partners committed to your long-term success while keeping your systems cutting-edge and agile in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Ultimately, what drives us is the desire to make a meaningful impact. We want to transform businesses, improve processes, and enhance lives through the strategic use of data and AI.


Composable Digital Operating Model Design for Danish Industrial OEM

Background and Problem:

An Industrial OEM needed a new Digital Operating Model for their innovative business model to deliver a data-driven service to small and large business customers. The business model had different types of operational risks like end-user maturity, the technical complexity of their industrial setup, and the limitations on the feasibility of the new solution.
The AS-IS process required a detailed site audit and detailed analysis for up to 6 months before making an offer. As a result, the client faced challenges in designing their Lead-to-Cash process and setting the right pricing structure for value capture. The inherent complexities also limited the scalability of the new solution creating investment risks

Our Solution

We worked with the client to simplify the offering structure, value proposition, and pricing strategy. We redesigned all Operating Model components for end-to-end completeness and cohesion and designed a completely new modular and composable Digital Operating Model and Lead-to-Cash process. We also made provisions to integrate advanced analytics and AI for further optimization.


  • With the new Operating Model, the lead time could be reduced significantly by eliminating the need for site audit and detailed analysis in >80% of opportunities.
  • The new design better managed investment and operational risks through composability, modularity, and configurability
  • The new OM was designed for automated decision-making and execution using AI/ML
  • The OM design was made platform agnostic and could be implemented with free & open-source SW components.

    It supports multiple Customer journeys and is easily extensible to partners and 3rd parties.