The Future of AI Service Management: A Tactical Approach

Delivering service excellence and meaningful customer experience at optimized costs and resources has always been challenging. In the post-COVID market landscape, the global volatility and complexity have made delivering profitable services extremely difficult. As CEOs and business leaders navigate the challenges of increased digitalization and commercial realities, it is becoming increasingly clear that the traditional […]

Lost in Translation: Bridging the Gap Between Data Complexity and Business Simplicity

Time and again, I come back to this picture to illustrate what generates business value. There is a HUGE disconnect between the data and the AI community’s “perception” of what business users want vs what business users really want. Every once in a while, data scientists will come up with some complex visualization depicting detailed […]

AI Agents: A Primer on Their Evolution, Architecture, and Future Potential

Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents stand out as a cornerstone of innovation and efficiency in the rapidly advancing field of technology. These agents, powered by AI, operate autonomously within their environment to achieve specific objectives, ranging from routine task automation to complex decision-making processes. This primer aims to explore the rich history, diverse architectures, recent advancements, […]

How to Leverage Digital Marketplaces for Successful Digital Commerce

The digital age has profoundly transformed businesses, shifting from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to dynamic online marketplaces. This evolution has expanded the reach of companies and revolutionized how they interact with their customers. Digital marketplaces and innovative business models are pivotal in facilitating digital commerce operations, enabling experimentation, collecting customer data, delivering personalized products, services, and […]

AIBizOps for Competitive Advantage: A Tactical Digital Leadership Playbook

In the digital age, the dynamism and complexity of business models have escalated, particularly in the realms of digital business and commerce. The volatile and complex environment demands both agility and innovation and a profound depth of understanding and responsiveness that traditional business intelligence systems struggle to provide. The need for real-time data to make […]

10 XaaS Business Models Revolutionized by Decision Intelligence

“X-as-a-service” (read anything as a service) business models represent a significant shift in how businesses deliver value and engage with customers. This transformation is fueled by collecting and analyzing large volumes of data and leveraging it to make tactical and operations data-driven decisions. The lifecycle of data from collection to decision support and augmentation is […]

5 Strategies for leveraging Decision Intelligence in Digital Commerce

Achieving and sustaining competitive advantage in Digital Commerce requires a deep, strategic approach to data and decisions Decision Intelligence offers advanced tools and methodologies for addressing dynamic complexities. Here are some commonly deployed DI strategies in digital commerce: 1. Data-Driven Personalization: DI has the ability to derive actionable insights from complex customer data. By employing […]

10 Decision Intelligence Strategies for Tactical Leaders

Increasing global complexity and rapid technological advancements are compelling tactical leaders to embrace Decision Intelligence (DI) quickly. Without it, they risk navigating an increasingly volatile world with outdated tools, leading to systemic failures and missed opportunities. The limits of human cognition and operational systems are already reaching a breaking point under high business volatility and […]

The Role of Gen AI and LLM-Driven Decision Intelligence in Algorithmic Digital Commerce

Integrating Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) into decision-making processes represents a transformative shift in Digital Business and Commerce. These technologies are at the forefront of enabling businesses to navigate the complexities of the digital marketplace through enhanced decision intelligence. Let’s explore the amplifying role of Gen AI and LLM-driven decision […]