Composable Business and Packaged Business Capabilities:

Composable Businesses are built on modular architecture with interchangeable building blocks implemented through Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs). Gartner defines these as “software components that represent a clearly defined business capability”. Packaged Business Capabilities are self-contained operational units that can be stitched together in multiple ways based on different scenarios, customer journeys, regional/regulatory requirements etc. Composable business are built by orchestrating packaged business capabilities into a holistic and coherent operating model.

While Composable Architectures offer more agility and resilience to change, it is worth noting that they also introduce additional complexity in orchestrating the business. The traditional business processes are optimized and refined through years of continuous improvement. As a result, businesses expect a high degree of efficiency and performance from the business processes. The Composable Architectures build on Packaged Business Capabilities trade-off efficiency for higher flexibility. Therefore, it is extremely important to design the PBCs and Composable Operating Modelsusing the right design principles and methodologieslike Managing Processes and Products