Lost in Translation: Bridging the Gap Between Data Complexity and Business Simplicity

Time and again, I come back to this picture to illustrate what generates business value. There is a HUGE disconnect between the data and the AI community’s “perception” of what business users want vs what business users really want. Every once in a while, data scientists will come up with some complex visualization depicting detailed […]

AIBizOps for Competitive Advantage: A Tactical Digital Leadership Playbook

In the digital age, the dynamism and complexity of business models have escalated, particularly in the realms of digital business and commerce. The volatile and complex environment demands both agility and innovation and a profound depth of understanding and responsiveness that traditional business intelligence systems struggle to provide. The need for real-time data to make […]

Digital Business Design Opportunities for Digital Commerce using Generative AI

Companies need to invest in Digital Business Design to participate in Digital Commerce. Digital commerce is growing rapidly, and according to market research company Statista, it will reach $9 trillion in value with an average transaction value of $1660 per user by 2027.  According to our research, the adoption of Generative AI will be a […]