What are Composable Operating Models

Composable operating models are modular operating models created based on packaged business capabilities and data/AI-driven orchestration. Composable Operating Models offer a flexible and adaptable approach to organising and reorganising enterprise assets, capabilities and operations for a wide range of business scenarios. Composable operating models leverage modular, self-contained business components that can be assembled and reconfigured for different business models enabling enterprises to be more agile, responsive, and efficient in a rapidly changing business environment.

Composable operating models enable organisations to quickly adapt and respond to changes in the market, customer demands, or internal dynamics. The modular nature of the model allows for easy modification and reconfiguration of components, making it easier to scale, integrate new technologies, or enter new markets. The components themselves can be made more efficient and intelligent by making them standardised, automated, and/or outsourced, leading to streamlined processes and reduced costs.

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