What is Digital Commerce Maturity Assessment

Business landscape is evolving rapidly due to the increased demands placed by the customers to offer more personalised and pervasive offerings and smoother seamless experience. Digital Commerce has become a critical driver of success for enterprises. Most organisations’ Commerce functions are outdated, sluggish and bureaucratic due to legacy systems, siloed data, archaic processes and risk averse culture. In order to be relevant in today’s economy, organisations need to assess their digital commerce maturity and ensure the readiness of their commerce functions. 

Digital commerce maturity assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an organisation’s tactical agility, digital maturity, operating model resilience and commerce strategy within its commerce functions. It involves assessing various dimensions, including commerce strategy, technology infrastructure, business architecture, data strategy, customer experience, product/service design and digital business capabilities. The assessment provides insights into the organisation’s current state and ability to leverage data-driven insights to drive revenue growth, optimise pricing and promotions, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. It identifies gaps and areas for improvement, and helps develop a roadmap for digital transformation.

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